10 Business Ideas for the Natural-Born Entrepreneur

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If you long to build something of your own, but you don’t have a lot of start-up cash, consider these 10 ideas for the natural-born entrepreneurs. With a little effort, you could launch your successful venture and start putting all your hard work into yourself.

Help seniors

America’s population is aging rapidly. The baby boomer generation is huge, and many are at the age (and in the financial situation) where they prefer to pay for certain things rather than do it all themselves.

Your business, could, for example, offer a chauffeur service, taking older people for hearing aid repair, doctor visits, or simply to run errands. You might spend a few hours a day in a senior’s home, doing the sort of daily tasks they find it hard to do themselves.

Entertain kids

When it comes to a kids’ party, any parent could use a little help planning entertainment, and there’s plenty of money to be made as a children’s party planner. If you’re good with kids and creative, parents will be knocking down your door.

Feel free to think outside the box. Find a sumo suit rental and oversee themed wrestling parties or get a giant inflatable version of a popular game, like Twister, to keep kids occupied and having fun. If you offer something special, you’ll stand out from the competition.


Do you have a lot of experience in a particular sector? If so, you could work as a freelance consultant advising local businesses. Many smaller businesses could use some help getting an ad campaign off the ground, boosting sales, or dealing with resource management.

Just be sure to check whether you need a license. If your business expands quickly, set up a web-based call center to ensure you’re always reachable.

Create an app

Have you ever seen a problem that you just know an app could solve? If you create an app and put it up for sale on Google Play or the Apple App Store, you’ll start bringing in passive income whenever anyone downloads it.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to code. You can hire a coder to design your app, and you’ll own the rights to the finished product.

Do customer service

If you like the idea of working from home and have a knack for helping people over the phone, consider working in customer service. Many companies are looking to hire at-home freelancers to ensure their customers can always reach a live human.

You take calls through your Internet connection (not on your mobile), and you might even move up into a sales rep position if you’re good at it.

Provide lawn care

If you know about plants and love working outside, a lawn care gig isn’t hard to start. Start by offering basic mowing and trimming services. As you see things that could be improved on customer lawns, make suggestions about more you could do.

As your service grows, you can invest in better equipment and start offering more sophisticated landscaping services.

Offer home cleaning

Busy people will pay a lot for someone to do jobs they don’t want to do or simply don’t have time for. If cleaning is your happy place, start by offering your services a slightly below market price.

Once you’ve built a client base of people who value your skills and reliability, you’ll be able to charge beyond market price.

Deliver messages

A courier works a type of delivery job, but only delivering messages. You have to be reliable since some of these messages will be time-sensitive and business-related.

The good news is you don’t a big truck or much in the way of supplies to get your courier service off the ground.

Be a vendor

People love flea markets. A flea market is like a giant garage sale where you can score a deal, and you never know what you’ll find.

Start your business vending collectibles on the weekend, and before you know it, it could be your full-time job.

Love on dogs

People are busy, and their dogs need some love. If you can’t get enough of animals, start by offering a dog walking service.

Once you have a client-base, your business could blossom to include overnight stays, grooming services, and eventually a full-fledged animal care service.

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