3 Credit Union Marketing Strategies and How to Take Action Now

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Marketing is important for any type of business, but building a strong customer base is even more important for credit unions. Credit unions pride themselves on having great relationships with their customers, so it’s essential that they attract the right audience — and this is where having the right marketing strategies comes in. Choosing marketing strategies for a credit union can be a difficult task, but these few ideas can be a great place to start.

Utilize technology

Credit unions can often have a challenging time making sure they stand out against the competition. Fortunately, using the right technology can help credit unions keep up with their competitors. There are numerous technological innovations that credit unions should consider using — from social media to applications to AI technology, using a variety of technology can give credit unions an edge. Something like artificial intelligence can allow credit unions to offer better customer service, automate long processes, and make their interactions with customers more personalized. Additionally, offering options like online banking and even a credit union app can be appealing to customers. When it comes to utilizing technology, customers will be given more convenience and will be more likely to sign up with an establishment that is tech-savvy.

Furthermore, the right technology can help credit unions stay organized, too. And when a credit union is able to stay organized, they can offer better services to their customers. Even something like free online photo storage can be extremely helpful. Instead of having a ton of different marketing photo files stored on different computers, all photos can be stored in one place for convenient and easy access. Being organized is important in many business aspects.

Create the right content

Content marketing is absolutely essential for today’s businesses — without well-written and informational content on websites, blogs, and social media pages, businesses are not going to attract the audience they want. We live in a digital world, and it’s crucial that businesses provide the right content online for their target audience. Before content is created, credit unions should have a strong understanding of their audiences’ wants and needs. Content should help answer common questions, provide updated information, and even tell customers about current opportunities.

Of course, the best way to ensure the right content is created is to work with a credit union marketing agency. The right marketing agency will have the tools and resources needed to conduct in-depth customer research and use this information to create great content. Links and keywords should also be used in credit union online content to ensure the right web pages are showing up in search engines. Overall, the content created and published by credit unions should be informational and tell customers why they should choose this specific establishment.

Update the website

Most people today check out a company’s website before actually going to the physical location or even talking to someone on the phone. This is why it’s so important for credit unions to have an updated and well-designed website. A great website will be easy to navigate, load pages quickly, and include intriguing graphics. Because all companies want to generate online traffic, credit unions should take a good, long look at their website and ensure it really is the best it can be. This can include putting in call-to-actions in the right locations, implementing a “chat” option for current and potential customers, and offering easy online services. Website optimization is key if credit unions want to attract new customers.

Marketing methods aren’t “one-size-fits-all” and it’s important for credit unions to do what works best for them. But by starting with these simple steps, and hiring the right help, credit unions can build a great marketing strategy that will bring in new customers in no time.

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