3 Types of Software for Business

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People often underestimate the amount of work that goes into running a business. Even small businesses need to carry out strenuous tasks to function properly. Sometimes 12 hours isn’t enough to complete these tasks and still meet the business objectives. Thanks to the digital age, there are custom software applications available to help with these demanding tasks, giving companies a competitive advantage.

The right software packages can do up to 50 percent of your work in less time and with as little error as possible. From time management software to financial management tools, business software can reduce the workload of a small business and provide greater efficiency all around. If you’re a business owner and would like to get familiar with the new software to run your company, this article is just for you.

1. CRM Tools


Customer relationship management software works effectively to access and organize customer data. As a business owner, you’ll need this in your back pocket. Some of the most popular customer management companies can provide you with custom software development services instead of commercial off-the-shelf software.

CRM solutions make it easier for you and your sales, management, and customer service teams to maintain customer relationships and rapidly increase your business’s growth. Both large and small businesses need to have some kind of CRM strategy. Companies like Devsu provide a platform that connects the departments in your company and helps arrange their notes, metrics, and activities into a centralized system, making it easy for each user to access client data in real-time.

CRM tools allow companies to provide customer support with special features like one-to-one customer journeys and personalized services through cloud computing. This way, your cloud-based customer relationship management software can scale up and grow as your business grows and is accessible wherever there’s an internet connection.

Some CRM tools also come with great design features to build professional charts and graphs. Every successful business uses graphs or charts to make sense of complex data and to help pass around information easily. You can also use an online chart maker software like Lucidpress to design your organizational chart so your employees and management team will clearly understand their roles and responsibilities. Chart maker software provides you with templates and tools to easily make your charts so you can save money hiring professional designers.

2. Accounting Software

Accounting software is very important for both small and large businesses. As long as you have more than three staff members, you’ll need effective software to help you with the payroll at the end of the month. Apps like Gusto and QuickBooks are the best software applications for accounting purposes.

Gusto is a fairly new application formerly known as ZenPayroll. The app organizes all your finance spreadsheets, including your taxes, benefits, and payroll, while keeping you informed about current government regulations. In addition, Gusto automatically informs the government of your new hires, handles your tax filings on a state and federal level, and sends payslips through automatic email to your employees. QuickBooks plays a similar function while also helping you track your financial data.

3. Human Resources Software

Hiring staff for your company can be very tasking without digital help. Although HR software doesn’t substitute for having a human resources department, it helps with overwhelming tasks like hiring new employees, employee onboarding and offboarding, and deploying available listings for different online job boards.

The most common HR software options include Goodhire, Proven, and GoCo. GoodHire helps screen job applications and shortlist the most qualified applicants for hire. It can provide criminal background information on applicants, perform credit checks, assess applicant skills, and verify each applicant’s identity. Each HR software option has its own unique features.

With all these new software tools, your business can get an extra boost.

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