3 Ways To Build Employee Skill Sets

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The people within an organization are the true determinant for how successful the organization is and will be. Talent is very crucial in making an organization thrive. However, finding talent is hard, and keeping such valuable talent is harder. To build motivation and professional development, you must make your employees feel genuinely cared for by providing the resources they require to increase capabilities, productivity, and engagement. By doing this, employees are happier and loyal and will be of more value to the company. Here are three ways to build an employee skillset.

1. Effective Skill Transfer


Skills transfer is simply the method organizations use to teach a new employee (or even an old one) how to perform a new skill or task. To build an employee skillset, the person training or transferring these skills must be an expert in both the skill and the ability to transfer said skills. An effective skill transfer requires preparation for the trainee and the identification of the skill gap impacting employees’ performance. This will enable the trainer to determine the delivery of the skill transfer.

Many people advise that the training be carried out off-site to enable ease of use for employees. The subject matter expert can also set up their website with video content for this purpose so that employees can access information on their own time. The website should have a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for employees to navigate.

Allow trainees to demonstrate said skills to ensure effective transfer. Trainers must also provide feedback to encourage trainees. Feedback could be appreciative, motivational, or constructive. Regardless of what kind, it’s crucial that you let the employees know how well they are doing.

2. Employee Empowerment

There are many ways to empower your employees to feel valued by your organization. You can do this by motivating, training, and eliminating success barriers. Training is a great way to build employee skill sets, and even with that, there are different ways to train your employees. As an organization, you could encourage online learning through online training platforms, online schools, online teaching, a development program, and more.

Lambda Solutions is an online learning platform that provides learning content according to training needs. It’s the cheapest option, as it only requires a small monthly fee. It’s like a virtual classroom where the instructor provides materials and transcripts for notes. After the course, attendees get a certificate that can be posted on their profiles. You can also encourage employees to go back to school to improve their skill sets. It could be an online school or a physical one via a leave of absence from work. Sending employees back to school is a win-win for any organization and shows your employees just how much you value them.

3. Goal Setting

Apart from the role’s job description, each employee must have a quantitative metric or key performance indicator (KPI) to help them understand what they’re expected to attain and deliver. These goals should be set according to their talents and skills to enable them to make headway. It’s crucial to relate these objectives to employees. The objectives should also be practical and related to their roles and experience. Research shows that many managers and supervisors don’t make employees aware of such indicators but criticize them when the goals aren’t met.

When these performance metrics are attained, the organization can raise the stakes to give employees a progressive sense of achievement. Doing this builds an employee’s skillset like water feeding a plant. No doubt, they become far more skilled and experienced than they may have imagined as the years go by.

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