5 Things to Update When Giving Your Home a Big Makeover

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With the real estate market booming and more people than ever upgrading or selling and buying homes, many homeowners have turned to home makeovers as a way of making the best use of their space. For displaced and remote workers, how a home is set up and its overall functionality and feel is even more important now than ever before. If you’re like many homeowners and have thought about a remodel for your home, read on for some areas that might be in need of attention and why.

1. Kitchens


One of the most used rooms in most people’s homes, our kitchens serve as a hub for daily living. For this reason, many people like to tackle kitchen designs and repairs first. If you’re in the market for a new kitchen, upgrade, or even new countertops, the good news is that it’s easy enough to find a fantastic company that can do a wonderful job and will offer great customer service.

Start with a Google search for the specific redo you’re looking for in addition to your location. For example, for new kitchen countertops in Tucson, a search like “granite countertops in AZ” will lead you to the one-stop Superior Stone and Cabinet. Professionals at Superior will be able to take your average kitchen from standard to fantastic with simple changes such as replacing old countertops with granite.

2. Bathrooms


Another well-used room is the bathroom. Anyone looking for a bath remodel should look to a big company like Statewide Remodeling for the best prices. After more than 80,000 bath remodels, your Amarillo bathroom remodel will leave you feeling not only inspired but able to retreat to a relaxing new bathroom after a long day. When searching for a company like Statewide, it’s important to read customer reviews, ask questions, and look for discounts. If you can find competitive prices from other contractors or companies, it’s important to bring that up. In many cases, bigger companies will work with you to secure a good price on a bath or kitchen remodel.

3. Windows


The eyes of our homes, replacing old windows, window fixtures, and even window treatments can be a big part of any home remodel. Not only will a great window replacement job mean a better look to your home, but it could save you money on your electric and other utility bills.

4. Roofs


Extremely important when it comes to a home’s overall value and functionality, a strong roof system is critical to your home’s ability to protect you and your family in a number of ways. Instead of putting off shingle repairs or replacing an older roof, consider reaching out for bids to bring your roof back into shape.

5. Overall Design


After addressing your home’s core items, think about viewing your home as a blank canvas. Start with taking things off the walls and moving furniture into the center of the rooms. Even the rearrangement of things you already own can make a big difference in your home’s look and feel. If you have the budget for it, consider calling on an interior designer for help.

In summary, our homes are our safe havens. In the middle of a global pandemic and after an unconventional year, it’s easy to understand why a complete kitchen overall or a new backsplash in the bathroom might do the trick in making any house feel more like a home. Regardless of whether you plan on installing new bathroom countertops in your new home or making big changes in the outdated master bath, taking the time to research showrooms, interior design, and comparing costs on things like cabinet installation will give you the best end result.

Take your time in assessing your home’s current needs and watch for reviews when looking for a licensed contractor to install those beautiful countertops or that trendy porcelain sink. Your research ahead of time will give you better odds of a good price and the best service around; resulting in a home you’re proud of. Happy home makeover to you!

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