5 Things You Can Do For Your Church During These Chaotic Times

a cross on top of a roof

It’s no secret that we are currently living through crazy, unprecedented times. The arrival of the coronavirus forced people into their homes, left thousands unemployed, and has led to terrible illness and even death. During confusing and challenging times, people often turn to their religion to find that hope we are all desperately seeking. So as a church family, you want to be there for your congregation as well.

Things may seem chaotic right now, especially for the church which thrives off of togetherness and community. Being forced apart may seem unfair. How can you be expected to keep preaching the good news to people who are so distant, especially when it already seems like there isn’t much good news to go around? The responsibility of keeping the church up and running doesn’t have to fall solely on the shoulders of your pastors and church leaders. As a member of the congregation, you still have a vital role to play to help get your church family through the craziness. Continue to keep the faith and stay involved as much as possible. These are trying times, there’s no denying that, but if we band together with the support of our community and the Lord, we will make it through and come out stronger.

Continue Giving

Just because you’re not in church, doesn’t mean church expenses have disappeared. Sure, no in-person services may have lowered electric costs, but rent, salaries, and charity work are still in need of funding. If you are able, consider continuing your weekly or monthly gifts to the church. Of course, if you’re currently undergoing financial hardship due to the pandemic, God understands your situation. But if you’re still fortunate enough to have income, consider tithing so your church can stay afloat and even reach out to help aid your greater community during this time of uncertainty.

Offer Your Services

There are many ways to give back to your church beyond just financially. With services being converted to digital methods and your leaderships trying to navigate new, emerging platforms for connection, offer your services to help. Perhaps you know a bit about streaming platforms or you have a great camera and like to record media or maybe you‘re a great cook and you can help bring meals to individuals who are sick. One way you can help right now is by offering your time and your talents. Bringing expertise to the table helps keep the church well-rounded and current, especially in the midst of such chaotic times.

Gather Virtually

Staying socially distant may keep you from gathering in-person, but it doesn’t have to stop connection. Church is all about creating community, so even during COVID, continue fostering that community through virtual means. Have bible study on Zoom, email your group members to check-in, or reach out to other congregants to see if they need anything. Gathering virtually is a great way to stay centered and continue pursuing Christ during COVID.

Encourage Devotions

One way families can continue pursuing the word is through devotions. There’s never been a better time to pursue God’s word together than when you’re all under one roof anyway. Check out bibles for sale that the whole family can enjoy. The Adventure Bible for kids or a matching journal and bible hardcover for adults to really dive into God’s word. Studying the bible can often fall to the wayside when you’re too busy or distracted, so take this time of slowing down to really reinvest in the word of God.


These are confusing and chaotic times for everyone, including your church. If you’re a religious person, you believe in the power of prayer. Continuing praying for the world, for your family, and for your church as a whole. You may not find all the answers right away, but open communication can help encourage you and give you hope.

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