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B2B companies are behind-the-scenes workers. Like the roasterie that supplies your local coffee shop or even as a cameraman on a movie set, they aren’t seen in the end product, yet they were an integral part of every step of the production process.

Perhaps you’re in the business-to-business business yourself (try saying that five times fast), and you want to increase the efficiency or broad appeal of your company. Or perhaps you’re currently in a deep google hole, and you clicked on this article thinking it was called “BB8 Spotlight.” Whether you’re looking to obtain a new supplier, joining the blogging ranks of Sam Ramey, or scrolling at the end of your day, it’s never a bad idea to learn about top B2B companies in various fields.

Seattle Restaurant Equipment Financing & Leasing


Getting the capital needed to start any business isn’t easy. When you’re starting a restaurant, instead of opting for used equipment, consider financing or leasing your equipment. Lease to own equipment financing allows you to budget and save cash while investing in high-quality equipment for your company. Bonus: lease to own also builds your company’s credit strength, thereby investing in the future of your company even more. Once your company grows enough to require a bigger (or another) storefront, you’ll be able to get the loans you need.

Even if you’re an established restaurant who’s been loved by the neighborhood regulars for years, the restaurant industry has taken a serious hit during COVID-19. If you need to replace old equipment, don’t buy used. There are no warranties, no rebates, and no guarantees. Find the lowest prices on stylish, up-to-date equipment by leasing to own.

If you’re looking for a restaurant supply store in the city of Seattle, type “Seattle Restaurant Store” in your search engine. The Restaurant Warehouse’s Seattle Restaurant Supply offers leasing on refrigerators, freezers, prep tables, griddles, stoves, and deep fryers, just to name a few. You also have the option to finance smaller wares, so that you won’t have to nickel-and-dime for new blenders or sharp knives. This B2B company has been helping small Seattle restaurants start — and maintain — their businesses for decades. In our current era of social distancing and limited capacities, affordable restaurant supply stores are more necessary than ever.

Howard Fensterman Charities


Charity may not be the first word you’d associate with a B2B company. We oftentimes forget how important charities, nonprofits, and other financial contributions are in the process of making a business thrive. Additionally, giving back while growing your own business has been proven highly successful not just because it’s a sensible portion of any financial strategy, but also because it’s the right thing to do.

Howard Fensterman is a prominent attorney and managing partner at Abrams, Fensterman, Fensterman, Eisman, Formato, Ferrara, Wolf, & Carone, LLP in Long Island. You may be thinking, “why are there two Fensterman’s?” That’s because Howard works with his son, Jordan Fensterman. It’s one thing to claim you have family values, but it’s quite another to work alongside your child every day. That speaks volumes of Mr. Fensterman’s commitment to his family and his character.

Fensterman Charities is known for having given large sums of money back to their local Jewish community. When the Chabad of Port Washington opened, the Fensterman’s were right there as financial contributors as well as active members of the community. The center is abuzz with education about Jewish identity and culture, activities programs for all ages, and a place to call home for the Jewish community in Port Washington, New York. The spiritual leader of the Chabad, Rabbi Shalom M. Paltiel, has described Howard and Jordan as “A father and son team for the ages!” Mr. Fensterman is also a member of the Chabad’s Board of Directors as well as the Board of Trustees for the Chron’s and Colitis Foundation of America.

Look to Howard Fensterman Charities for philanthropic inspiration as well as any litigation needs for your corporation, LLC, LLP, or other business entity in the state of New York.

Venterra Realty


Founded in 2001, Venterra Realty is a company that owns and manages apartment communities across the United States. This B2B is known for having an award-winning company culture. And yes, there are awards for such a thing.

Venterra has a 4.7 employee rating on Glassdoor.com, where former and current employees anonymously rate companies they’ve worked for. Just to reiterate, they have an almost perfect score when it comes to their workplace environment – from anonymous reviews. Also, their CEO John Foresi has been recognized as a “Top CEO” on Glassdoor.

Venterra Realty has been ranked as a Best Workplace for Women, the Best Workplace for Diversity, and one of the Best Workplaces in Texas by Great Place to Work and Fortune. As if that weren’t enough, 98% of Venterra communities are top-rated on ApartmentRatings.com, meaning that it isn’t just their employees who benefit from working in a great environment. It means their end product is better, too. In one of the nation’s most competitive marketplaces, Venterra properties consistently stand out.

Keller International


Keller supplies top-notch barbershop and salon equipment. Their brand focuses on creating modern, unique designs for the furniture you use for your business. Keller’s beauty equipment highlights a modern or classic interior design style, so this is a great supplier to look at for any of your furnishing desires. This company also offers competitive prices with 5% off of every single order, higher discounts if you spend over $1,000-$2,500, and free shipping.

Check out their Instagram for photos that showcase their barber chairs and salon chairs for sale. Seeing how their chairs can fit into a design as a whole can help you visualize a new way to style your salon. Particularly in a hair salon, the appearance of your business says a lot about the product that your clients will receive. Invest in beauty from the moment your clients walk in the door by paying attention to the details: your mirrors, appliance holders, hairdryers, tables, and especially the chairs in which your clients sit.



Loanpal is financing our clean energy future. The company is a modern lending platform building on new, proprietary technology that seeks to make a positive impact on the planet while creating a great lending experience for all involved.

Founded by Hayes Barnard, Loanpal has over 16 years of lending experience and has a track record of funding more than $27 billion in loans that have served over 125,000 people. Loanpal ensures a frictionless experience, meaning you’ll receive virtually instant approvals, high conversation rates, and modern tools for increased ease of use.

Before founding Loanpal, Hayes was the founder and CEO of Paramount Solar, a residential solar company that provided solar systems to homeowners. After three years, SolarCity acquired Paramount Solar, and Hayes lead SolarCity as the Chief Revenue Officer. The company grew more than 400% under his leadership until Hayes created LoanPal, which is now a proud partner of GivePower. GiverPower is a nonprofit organization that provides solar-based solutions to life’s basic needs for people in developing areas of the world — and Hayes was also the founder and CEO of this company. With such an incredible track record, it would be hard for Hayes to lead a company that didn’t succeed.

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