Checklist for Relocating Your Bar

a bar with many lights

The food and drink industry has changed significantly post-COVID-19. Patrons are interested in resuming their social lives, but social restrictions make going out for a night on the town challenging. It’s not uncommon for a business owner to relocate to a different location after establishing their presence. Relocating your bar can be a smart way to strengthen and grow your business. Take a look at some key considerations before packing up and meeting the new neighbors.

Re-launch in the right location.


The location of your bar can make or break your business. The key to choosing an ideal location depends on your vision of how the bar will look, what you can contribute to the community, and who your target market is. Whether you choose to purchase a location or lease it depends on your budget. You’ll also need to think about how your bar’s concept and brand fit with the surrounding area.

The best way to attract spontaneous traffic in a specific area is to be the closest and most obvious bar around. Think about the location of your bar from the client’s perspective. Are the accessibility of the bar, the safety of the surrounding area, the parking, and the history of the location enough to attract customers regularly?

Make sure your bar is right for the neighborhood.


There are several popular bar concepts you can opt for. The classic neighborhood bar is the most popular type of bar in the U.S. The amount of revenue earned by a neighborhood bar varies depending on the location and capacity. Brewpubs or beer bars are increasingly popular among those adults who prefer to drink high-quality malt beverages. The earning potential of a brewpub depends on the location and the drinking trends of the surrounding area. Specialty bars are also growing in popularity thanks to the emphasis on specialty cocktails These types of bars are cozy and intimate and typically found in sophisticated or upscale neighborhoods.

Make sure your bar concept is a good fit for the neighborhood. You’ll need to brand your bar to align with the local area. The bar’s image, aesthetic, specials, and events should be determined with the local neighborhood in mind. A great way to get curious clients to walk into your bar is to create an appealing atmosphere that can be seen from the outside. Installing new windows in your bar is a great way to create curb appeal and freshen up the bar’s aesthetic. Vinyl windows are an affordable, durable, and easy-to-maintain replacement window option.

All Weather Seal has years of experience installing new and replacement windows in Grand Rapids. Their quality products come in a range of styles and colors, and you can view available options on their online showroom. Known for professional work and award-winning customer service, All Weather Seal can help with all of your replacement window, roofing, siding, and patio door needs.

Stock your bar with the right inventory.


The sale of alcoholic beverages requires a properly stocked bar. Not only do you need quality products to make alcoholic beverages, but you also need to track what drinks are selling and which types of alcohol are used the most. Keeping track of all aspects of your inventory helps you adjust your orders and save money on items that aren’t popular and stock the popular ones. The key to maximizing your inventory is to ensure your bartenders are trained to make consistent drinks. Bartenders should use jiggers to make accurate pours and keep costs in check by providing consistent drinks.

Working with a reliable beverage distributor that’s known for on-time deliveries and a great selection of quality products is the best way to keep your bar stocked. Columbia Distributing is the largest alcoholic beverage distributor in the United States. The supplier offers a broad selection of domestic and imported beers, craft beers, hard ciders, wine, and spirits. In addition to alcoholic beverages, the distributor also offers snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.

Successfully relocating a bar requires the right location, the right branding, and the right inventory.

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