How to Prepare Your House for a Roof Replacement

a house with a ladder and a chimney on the roof

Roof replacements are a pain for many homeowners. However, this task is essential for anyone who has managed to get 20 or more years out of their current roof. On average, a homeowner will have to conduct two or three cleanings every year in order to lengthen the life of the roof to its maximum, perhaps around 25 years, depending largely on the climate and typical (as well as extreme) weather that prevails in your part of the United States.

Replacing the roof can be costly, but with proper maintenance, there’s no reason to expect that your new home covering won’t last for the same length of time as the last one (possibly even longer depending on the difference in materials and technologies from one roof to the next). But it’s important for homeowners to remember that there are other things that must be done in order to prepare the roof and home for a replacement. With this guide, getting your roofing work done right can be made simple. Read on to learn how to prep for this all-important task with ease.

Remember the other services that run through the attic.


Many homeowners who are in need of a roofing repair or replacement fail to realize that many other systems rely on a waterproof and pest-proof elevated space above the ceiling and heads of those who live within the home.

Your air conditioning system, for instance, utilizes the attic space for much of the heavy equipment that keeps you comfortable in the home throughout the year. The compressor, furnace, and many other elements of the air conditioning and heating system live in this space. A roof replacement may be done as a result of a significant leak, meaning that other aspects of the top part of your home may need some level of care as well. Calling in a professional air conditioner cleaner and support technician like those at Wagner Mechanical (see more at can get you the technicians you need to ensure that your home’s crucial systems remain viable and in great condition, no matter what else is going on in the property.

Move storage items from the roof’s underside for safekeeping.


Another crucial element of roof repair in Merritt Island, Albuquerque, or Santa Fe is the removal of your belongings that are stored in the attic. Roofers may need access to the underside of your home’s top, and taking out decorations, yearbooks, tools, and other items that you keep in this convenient storage location can help them do their job more effectively. A roofer is a professional installation and repair technician, and so they are often agile on their feet and fast thinkers, but taking away any potential hazards from this work area is a great way to ensure that the team who is working on your home stays safe throughout the repair or replacement work and that your belongings are cared for as well.

Placing your items in a cheap self storage unit is a simple and effective solution here, but many people also simply move these items down into the garage or shed for the few days or weeks that technicians remain on-site at your home. If you’re thinking of utilizing a storage unit, reading a guide that is tailored to the needs of someone in the middle of a move can be of great use to you. While this isn’t your exact purpose, the elements of a positive experience with a storage facility remain the same across both use conditions.

Make sure you prioritize these things while preparing for a roof replacement, and the work will go as smoothly as possible.

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