Products To Boost and Promote Your Immune Health

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Winter is coming! It’s the season of giving, but it’s also the time of year when most people find themselves sick. No one likes feeling ill and being unable to work. On top of that, you have to be cautious about getting your household members sick, too. If you’re trying to stay healthy throughout the year, you have to prioritize your immune health.

Luckily, we have a few tips and recommendations for products to boost your immune system and help you get through the winter and spring without feeling too poorly. But before we get started, it’s important to note that you should always seek the advice of a health care practitioner before taking any dietary supplements or making any significant changes to your lifestyle. Below, you’ll find some of the best products we’ve found to boost and promote your immune health.

Tea Tree Oil


There’s nothing quite like coming home from a long day and turning on your essential oil diffuser to kickstart your nighttime routine. To promote your immune health, a lot of people diffuse tea tree oil 100% of the time they’re home. Tea tree oil has been used to make significant improvements to skin, nails, blemishes, and more. It can also be found in dandruff shampoo to promote a healthy scalp, and it’s even used to treat minor cuts. This natural product from Radha Beauty supports immune health through antimicrobial activity. And with just a few drops of tea tree oil in your diffuser, you can keep your household feeling fresh, smelling clean, and ensuring that you’re prioritizing your immune system. Keep in mind, 100% pure tea tree oil is only for external use.

Vitamin C


Okay, this one is a no-brainer. There’s a good reason why most people start taking more vitamin C in the wintertime. It’s known to help fight off coughs and colds! Not only does an extra dose of vitamin C help you keep viruses at bay, but it also comes in the form of a non-GMO, gluten-free, hypoallergenic supplement. Pure Encapsulations has a gummy version of vitamin C available on Gummy forms make it so much more enjoyable to stay healthy, get your antioxidants, and improve vascular support.


Another product that you could use to boost your immune health is zinc. With Pure Encapsulations’ chewable zinc tablets, you can help your body protect itself. In fact, it may even be beneficial to take zinc when you start feeling symptoms of a cold coming on. These are sold on as well. Scientific studies have also shown that it could potentially shorten the length of a cold. Overall, it could be a great supplement to consider adding to your diet after you consult with your primary health care provider.

Vitamin D


To function efficiently, your body needs all sorts of D vitamins. This tends to come from foods like salmon and sardines. But it can also be found in fortified foods, like cereal, soy milk, and orange juice. Making sure that you’re reaching appropriate levels of vitamin D is just one part of a healthy lifestyle. Keep in mind that in the latter half of the year, you may not be getting your recommended daily dose of sunshine. Supplementing vitamin D can help with calcium absorption which supports your bones and your immune system.

Whether it’s a few drops of tea tree oil or a daily vitamin, your immune health could benefit from a little boost throughout the year. If you’re considering adding any of these products, also make sure you’re getting regular exercise and eating a healthy diet. Getting enough sleep and drinking plenty of water are some other ways for you to guarantee that your body absorbs all the proper nutrients it needs to prevent it from getting sick. Lastly, see your doctor at least twice a year to ensure that you’re doing the best for your body!

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