The Most Common Birth Injuries and How to Deal With Them

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Birth injuries are a common concern for pregnant women who are on the verge of becoming new mothers. While the vast majority of women can give birth without significant injury, some suffer tremendous and long-lasting injuries during this incredibly trying time. While most are spared the most intense recovery timeline, the fact remains that as many as four in five women have to deal with medical injuries revolving around muscle tearing due to the labor process.

Birth injuries are a significant problem for millions of women in the United States and beyond. If you’ve suffered a birth injury due to medical malpractice, you need to seek the help of an attorney and a therapist or psychologist to get yourself back on track. Counsel from a professional team of Chicago birth injury lawyers is your best recourse when dealing with a medical malpractice case. Attorneys in the medical field deal with medical malpractice and negligence issues on a routine basis. While most medical professionals and medical doctors are receptive and engaging with their patients, some in the medical field think that they know best. These medical practitioners shut down the lines of communication and make decisions for you. In the case of childbirth, these may not always line up with what’s best for your mental health or your newborn’s brain function and physical wellbeing.

In addition to speaking with an attorney about your birth injury case, it’s important to look into speaking with a psychologist or therapist for lasting mental health needs that you may have. A traumatic birth injury can stay with you for a long time, both physically and mentally. Simply searching for a “therapist near me for depression” can set you toward finding the perfect psychotherapy treatment and a therapist or psychologist who can work with your unique situation and needs to find the solutions you deserve. Therapists are fantastic sounding boards and can help make sense of the trauma that you’ve endured.

After delivering your newborn, if you’ve suffered one of these birth injuries, you should immediately contact a therapist for psychotherapy treatment and an attorney that is experienced with lawsuits revolving around these types of medical conditions to help you on your way to recovery. Depending on your specific circumstances, it could be a long road back to physical and mental normality, so don’t take this process lightly.

Some muscle tearing occurs in a majority of cases.


Tearing of the vaginal muscles is commonplace during natural births. Human biology is set apart from other bipedal mammals in that our heads are proportionally larger than those of our closest primate relatives. This feature gives humans a distinct advantage when it comes to intelligence – the fabrication of complex tools comes to mind. However, the enlarged human head makes for a significantly more difficult labor process for all human mothers. While we might take academic comfort in the knowledge that our species has developed the biological capacity for this intelligent design, it causes significant pain during the natural process of giving life to our offspring.

Muscle tearing as a result of the expanded cranial spheroid is commonplace for women in the United States and all over the world. But some women are more prone to this problem than others. If the women of your family have a history of lengthy labor, difficult childbirths, or several significant past birth injuries, then speaking with your doctor about using a caesarian section might be your best option.

Birth injuries can impact your child’s health as well.


Your doctor should be able to discuss options with you to make the right choice for your circumstances. Some women want to give birth naturally, no matter what. Still, long labor increases the chance of your child developing cerebral palsy, blood pressure-related congenital disabilities, or brain injuries due to the umbilical cord’s unpredictable nature as the process continues without success. As well as birth injuries that may affect your child, the longer you must continue to push, the greater your risk of a birth injury or long-term mental health side effects becomes.

Tinnitus can lead to migraines and other irritants that leave you in a daze.


The intense stress of childbirth can cause the onset of inner ear and other ear canal trouble, such as tinnitus. Tinnitus is most often associated with prolonged exposure to loud noises; however, several other factors can play a role in developing this injury. Tinnitus is most often associated with a ringing, buzzing, or hissing noise in your ears due to damage to the minuscule hairs that “catch” sound as it enters the ear structure. Tinnitus interferes with these hairs’ ability to translate vibration into the signals that reach your brain for processing.

Tinnitus can be incredibly painful and even derail your ability to go about your daily routine. But Tinnitus is treatable with natural ingredients like Tinnitus911. The all-natural ingredients found in this tinnitus relief supplement can help reduce the irritation and severity of ringing, hissing, or buzzing noises that act as the telltale sign of tinnitus damage within your ears. Tinnitus is often a problem left for later. After a birth injury, caring for your ears and any tinnitus damage they may have encountered is often left on the backburner, but taking care of this issue can reduce headaches and nausea as quickly as they began, giving you a new lease on life.

These birth injuries are often avoidable. If you’ve suffered, make sure you know your rights and take steps to hasten your recovery for your own mental health and the health of your precious newborn.

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