What to Consider About Globe Life Insurance

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Life insurance can be a critical part of a family financial plan. A well-planned life insurance policy can ensure peace of mind as a safety net for the future should the unexpected happen. In general, families with dependent children, a mortgage, and other large debts consider an insurance policy to ensure financial obligations are taken care of if a death creates income loss.

Life insurance guarantees that a death benefit will be paid out to beneficiaries if the policyholder passes away. A death benefit can be used to cover final expenses, pay off debts, provide supplemental income, or take care of other financial responsibilities. However, with so many products and companies, it is essential to vet insurance providers.

Numerous companies in the United States sell various life insurance policies. As a general rule, you should purchase life insurance from a licensed company in your state with a good business rating. Globe Life has been a highly rated insurance company providing quality policies since 1951. Today, Globe Life covers more than 4 million policyholders and has written policies totaling more than $82 billion. If you are interested in a policy from Globe Life insurance, there are some things to consider.

Compare Globe Life with other options.

Like making other significant purchases, you should also shop around for the right life insurance policy. A company like SelectQuote allows you to compare product availability and rates from multiple insurance companies. Globe Life is one of the top-rated life insurers that work with insurance exchanges to provide consumers with the best policy options and premiums. If you are interested in learning more about Globe Life and its policies, it might be best to shop around and see how they compare to other options.

Research available Globe Life plans.


The most significant decision you will need to make when purchasing life insurance is the type of policy you need. Globe Life offers several life insurance plans that provide numerous coverages for policyholders. To determine the type of policy and the amount of coverage you need, you must consider several factors. In general, life insurance is a good idea if your spouse or other loved ones will not be able to pay off debts if you pass away. Fortunately, Globe Life has policies that can help you cover a variety of situations.

Term life is a policy valid for several years and provides coverage when most people have a mortgage and dependent children. Globe offers term life insurance coverage ranging from $5,000 to $100,000 in coverage. You can get policies that are valid up to 20 years in length. Like many other types of term life insurance, Globe’s policies don’t build cash value. Whole life policies are permanent plans that are valid as long as premium payments are made. Globe Life offers whole life insurance in the same coverage amounts, and your policy is valid for your lifetime. Globe’s whole life policies increase in value and can serve as an integral part of a family financial plan.

Check out Globe Life premium rates.


Insurance companies consider several factors when extending coverage to potential policyholders. However, unlike some other insurance companies, Globe Life doesn’t require a medical exam for coverage. The company will consider age, lifestyle, and other factors to determine premium rates. Like other types of insurance, your specific policy rate will depend on your situation and location. On average, a 35-year-old female will pay as much as $40 a month, and a male will pay up to $60.

If you are looking for information about life insurance, Globe Life has a history of providing quality coverage for various types of family situations. Comparison shopping through exchanges like SelectQuote and checking out Globe Life’s policies are the best ways to ensure you get the right coverage for your needs.

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