Why Buying Used Industrial Refrigeration Equipment Is a Smart Move

In today’s competitive market, companies strive for optimal performance while managing their bottom lines. Many businesses are revisiting their operational strategies and hunting for ways to reduce costs without compromising on efficiency or quality. One practical approach that’s gaining traction, especially in the industrial refrigeration sector, is purchasing used equipment.

When discussing this transition, Genemco, with its vast inventory of used industrial ammonia refrigeration equipment, stands out as a trusted name. The firm has championed this cause for over 30 years, demonstrating that buying used can be a strategic advantage. But why exactly is opting for used industrial refrigeration equipment such a smart move?

1. Financial Savings With Uncompromised Quality

The primary allure of buying used equipment is the substantial cost savings. For companies operating on tight budgets, purchasing new machinery can stretch financial resources thin. By choosing used equipment, businesses can enjoy significant reductions in initial capital expenditure.

Take, for instance, used rotary screw compressors. These devices are vital for several refrigeration applications and can be a significant investment when bought new. By opting for a used model, companies can realize savings upwards of 50%, and sometimes even more, depending on the age and condition of the unit. Yet, these savings don’t necessarily mean settling for lower quality. When procured from reliable suppliers like Genemco, these pieces of equipment have often been meticulously maintained, and refurbished and are ensured to be in excellent working condition.

2. Faster Procurement and Installation


Time is a resource as valuable as any other. When a company needs to replace a failed unit or scale up its operations, waiting for new equipment to be manufactured and shipped can lead to costly downtimes. In contrast, used equipment, such as a screw compressor, is usually readily available and can be delivered, installed, and operational in a fraction of the time it would take for a new unit.

This speed can be invaluable, especially in industries where operational continuity is paramount. Swift equipment replacements or additions mean fewer disruptions, ensuring that production schedules remain on track.

3. Ecological Responsibility and Sustainability

In an era where sustainability and environmental consciousness are more than mere buzzwords, businesses are continuously looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. By opting for used equipment, companies indirectly reduce the demand for new production, which in turn diminishes the amount of energy and raw materials consumed in the manufacturing process.

Furthermore, buying used prevents perfectly operational equipment from being discarded prematurely. This not only conserves the energy initially used in manufacturing that equipment but also reduces the waste heading to landfills. Thus, purchasing used industrial refrigeration equipment, such as a reciprocating compressor, is a tangible way for businesses to showcase their commitment to eco-friendly practices.

4. Depreciation Benefits and Resale Value

Like any other asset, industrial refrigeration equipment depreciates over time. When a company invests in brand-new machinery, the rate of depreciation in the initial years can be considerably high, impacting the asset’s book value. By choosing used equipment, companies can bypass the steepest depreciation curves since the equipment has already seen its most significant value drops during its early years.

Additionally, should a company decide to sell the equipment down the line, the resale value of used machinery remains relatively stable after the initial years. This means that businesses can recoup a significant portion of their investment, further amplifying the economic advantages of buying used.

5. Reliability Through Proven Performance

New machinery, despite being in pristine condition, hasn’t undergone the test of time. There’s always a lingering uncertainty regarding its long-term performance and reliability. In contrast, used equipment has a track record. Its performance, strengths, and possible weaknesses are known quantities. This historical data can be invaluable for businesses looking for reliability and predictability in their operations.

Moreover, when purchasing from established vendors like Genemco, businesses can be assured that the used equipment has been thoroughly inspected, tested, and refurbished if necessary. This ensures that while the equipment might be “used,” its performance is anything but second-rate.

6. Ease of Customization and Retrofitting

One of the notable advantages of used equipment is its adaptability. New machinery often comes with the latest bells and whistles, many of which may not be essential for every operation. On the other hand, used industrial refrigeration units offer an open canvas of sorts. They can be more straightforwardly customized or retrofitted to meet specific operational requirements.

This flexibility allows businesses to make necessary modifications more affordably. Whether it’s upgrading a component or integrating the machinery into an existing setup, used equipment can often be more accommodating. This not only ensures operational efficiency but also provides an avenue for innovation without the constraints that might come with brand-new, high-tech units.

7. Expanding Operational Capabilities

Used equipment offers businesses the opportunity to experiment and expand without massive investments. For companies looking to diversify their operations or test a new market segment, investing in brand-new equipment can be a risky proposition. The substantial capital required can be a significant hurdle, especially if the new venture proves less lucrative than anticipated.

However, by choosing used equipment, firms can venture into new territories with minimal financial risk. This approach facilitates experimentation, allowing companies to adapt and respond to market dynamics rapidly.

8. A Wealth of Knowledge and Expertise

It’s not just the equipment itself that’s valuable. The history and knowledge associated with used machinery can be a goldmine. Previous owners and operators will have accrued a wealth of experience with the equipment, understanding its nuances, quirks, and optimal operating conditions.

When purchasing used equipment, especially from reputable dealers, businesses often gain access to this accumulated knowledge. This can range from detailed maintenance records and troubleshooting guides to insights into maximizing efficiency and performance. This kind of information can be invaluable, especially when integrating the equipment into a new operational context.

9. Avoiding Immediate Obsolescence


Technology evolves rapidly. Today’s state-of-the-art equipment can become obsolete within a few short years, replaced by the next generation of machinery. Companies investing in brand-new equipment face the risk of their costly investments becoming outdated relatively quickly.

Opting for used equipment provides a buffer against this. Since the machinery has already been in use and proven its longevity, businesses can be more confident that it won’t become obsolete overnight. This allows for a more strategic approach to upgrading, where companies can choose when and how to adapt to new technologies based on genuine operational needs rather than market pressures.

10. Building Relationships With Trusted Vendors

Entering the world of used industrial refrigeration equipment opens doors to relationships with trusted vendors. These suppliers have often been in the industry for years, if not decades, and have vast networks and connections. Building a relationship with such vendors can be advantageous for future procurements and insights into the market.

For instance, if a company is in search of a specific piece of equipment or needs advice on scaling its operations, these established vendors can provide valuable insights and leads. Over time, this relationship can evolve into a partnership, with the vendor becoming an extension of the company’s operational strategy.

The Smart Move Forward

The advantages of investing in used industrial refrigeration equipment are manifold. From substantial financial savings and faster procurement to ecological benefits and proven reliability, the perks are hard to overlook. For businesses, it’s not just about cost-cutting but making intelligent decisions that cater to present needs while being mindful of the future. In this context, turning to trusted names like Genemco for quality used equipment becomes not just a choice, but a strategic imperative for forward-thinking enterprises.

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